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Child Health Study
Healthy Eating for Kids

Obesity is becoming a large-scale problem, and trends in the decline of health affect children as well as adults show that:
More than 20% of children suffer from obesity
Obese children are more likely to stay obese into adulthood
The number of obese infants and young children globally will
    increase to 70 million by 2025
Physical activity is decreasing
The intake of energy-dense food, that is high in fat and
    sugar,  is increasing
96% of 6 to 12 year-olds don't eat enough vegetables
81% of 6 to 12 year-olds don't eat enough fruit
Over 70% of adolescents eat too little fruit and vegetables
Most children need support to develop healthy habits

For children in particular, healthy eating is extremely important.


Apart from eating, exercise is also a vital part of a healthy lifestyle:
Children need a balanced diet that includes fruit and
To fight obesity the intake of sugar and saturated facts
    should be limited
Children should be physically active - at least 60 minutes
    each day

Which is why Juice Plus+ created the Children’s Health Study; to support families to adopt a healthier diet and lifestyle.

More than 150,000 families have participated in the study since it began in 1999, with parents documenting a noticeable difference in how their children eat, feel and live when taking Juice Plus+.

Children's Health Study

What Juice Plus+ have already discovered, is that families who started the Children’s Health Study, have found that other areas of their lifestyle improved, too.

After only one year of their children and teenagers taking
Juice Plus+, parents reported that:
96% were seeing a positive benefit of some kind
89% were more aware of their health
71% of children and teenagers were consuming less fast food and soft drinks
71% were drinking more water
66% were visiting a doctor less
61% were eating more fruits and vegetables
60% were missing fewer days of school
56% were taking fewer over the counter and/or prescription

The success of the Children’s Health Study is tracked through a series of volunteer surveys given to parents after their child’s first four months of taking Juice Plus+, with new data being collected once a year afterwards.

FREE for Children

It’s really simple - get FREE Juice Plus+ for your child* for at least one year** and keep a simple BEFORE and AFTER diary about what your kid is eating and any changes in lifestyle.

This offer is open to parents who use Juice Plus+ themselves.  You can get a FREE Juice Plus+ child's order with each adult order of either the premium capsules or standard capsules (including if you order a Gold or Silver Package for any of our plans).

This means you will both get the best that fruits and vegetables have to offer.

* Available to young people between the ages of 4 and 21.
** This is a rolling 4-month order for a minimum of 12 months, up to 4-years.  You will receive a new delivery every 4-months for both adult and child, and will be responsible for all the relevant payments (monthly, or 4-monthly) for the adult order, unless cancelled.
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