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I hope that the information below answers any questions you may have about starting your personal #RealTeam Lifestyle Plan or ‘Joining our Team’, however if you would like to know anything more, then please don’t hesitate to Contact Me or ‘Leave a Message’ using the real-time chat function in the bottom right corner of the page.

Any Questions?
Lifestyle Plan

How do I pay?
Your tailored package can be paid for in one up-front payment or we also offer the option to pay over 4 monthly instalments to spread the cost and make it easier to budget. We only take card payments, but that can be a debit or credit card.

Does it automatically re-order / do I have to cancel anything?
Some of our products do automatically renew, however I will contact you to check if you wish to re-order, and ensuring that any unwanted re-orders are cancelled before you are charged. If you do wish to re-order, then you can just ask me to pop another order through.

Can I get it delivered to a different address?

Yes, just let me know that the delivery address is different to the billing address.

What is the best package?

This depends on your personal health goals and budget. Have a look at the pages for the plan you’re interested in, and find the plan that most fits your budget. If you are aiming for weight loss, then you might wish to add in the weight-loss boosters, or if you’re out and about a lot, then the bars might be an ideal optional add-on. We can have a chat about which package is best for you based on your health goals and budget.

How long does delivery take?

Products are delivered 5-8 working days after the order is placed, but you can start the #RealTeam Lifestyle Plan on the day you order.

Can I just order one month’s supply?

The simple answer is no. This is not a “quick fix” diet to give your body-shape goals a boost; our lifestyle plans are designed to help you change your eating habits and give you a much healthier lifestyle going forwards.

It can take several weeks to break bad habits, and even longer to reform good habits, therefore our lifestyle plans last longer than 1 month.

Additionally, because your body is constantly replacing old cells with new cells at different rates, it will take a few months before all of your new cells are built from the new healthier nutrition from your diet, so it can take a while for progress, especially from chronic illnesses, to be seen.

Are the products suitable for vegetarians and/or vegans?

All of the products in the UK, EU and UAE are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. In the USA, the mealbars are a slightly different flavour and do contain honey, so they are vegetarian, but not vegan. If you would like further information, please Contact Me if you have any concerns.

How much weight will I lose?

If you’re looking to lose weight, unfortunately the answer to this isn’t straight forward. A lot of it will depend on your starting point and how well you stick to the #RealTeam Lifestyle Plan. This can include your starting weight, how much you have to lose, if you lose inches instead of weight, how much exercise you are prepared to do, or are able to do, what your metabolism is like, how strict you are sticking to the plan, if you build muscle as well as losing fat, and a number of other factors. All we can say is that we haven’t known anyone to not achieve their health goals as long as they have stuck to the plan.
Business Opportunity

Is there anywhere I can find out more information on the business opportunity?

Yes, you can be added you into our secret Facebook Group where people share their experiences of joining #RealTeam as a mentor. Just send us a message via the Contact Me page and we will arrange for you to join our group.

Why does it cost £50 to join #RealTeam?

The £50 sign-up fee goes to Juice Plus+ to cover your franchisee costs. This includes the set-up of your online office, where you can order products for yourself and your customers (and yes, you do get commission on your own orders), as well as keep track of your orders and your team.

Additionally, their helpful support team are there to answer any franchise or customer queries you may have, handle promotions and help you chase up missing payments.

They also deal with all stock, post and packaging and returns, so you don’t need to buy in or store anything in your house to re-sell!

Isn’t Juice Plus+ just a pyramid scheme?

No – Juice Plus+ is a multi-level marketing plan, which, on the surface can look similar, but when you look into it, they are vastly different.

Pyramid schemes are illegal because they only support the people at the top.  In this business, as soon as you’ve made back your sign-up fee, everything else is yours to keep.

Additionally, pyramid schemes do not have a viable product - they’re all about people paying to sign up or sell useless products to the people you recruit, but no money changes hands except for within “the pyramid”. As part of Juice Plus+, we have thousands, if not millions of happy customers, who are not involved in the business in any way, and you will never have to sell to anyone else within the company.

You can find out more about mlms on the
Federal Trade Commission website.

Individual Products

Can I buy the products individually?

Most of the products are available individually, except the Fruit and Vegetable capsules, which are always sold as a pair.

How much are the individual products?

The links below show the prices of the different prices of each product individually:

£ UK Prices or Euro Prices
If you have any more questions, you can use the chat function in the bottom right hand corner of your screen, or simply
send a message via the Contact Me page.
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